4 June, 2021

“Traveling with Medication” If you have been counting, my insomnia takes 4 prescription PRN (as needed) medications, 3 regular prescription medications, as well as several OTC meds that my doctor has recommended—some of them are pain medications, which anyone might carry, one is melatonin, another medication that is pretty common, and the others are vitaminsContinue reading “4 June, 2021”

28 Apr., 2021

“Ambien” So, on a particularly fallow night, with nothing better to do, I am alone with the word “insomnia,” which flirts shamelessly. It wants me to take it out for a Google, and I relent, finally, at 3am. On this night, I ran across a scare article about the dangers of (OMG!) Ambien addiction. AmbienContinue reading “28 Apr., 2021”